Military macaw

Military macaw: Ara militaris

Dry food
For our military macaws we use the Aviseed macaw complex mixture. Next to the seedmixture we offer them 6mm maintenance pellets. Mostly we use the nut flavoured pellet but they take the fruit flavoured as well. To complete this dry food part of their diet we offer them some fresh nuts, walnuts are preferred but others like macadamia- (unshelled), pecan- and hazelnuts can be used.

During the breeding season we increase the nuts and shift from the maintenance pellets to the 6mm breeder pellet.

Soft food
Our macaws are offered year round the Parrot sprout mixture. We offer this soaked or sprouted. This mixture is then mixed up with various fruits and vegetables. For soaking and sprouting we use Pure H2O to keep the water (used to soak and/or rins) as clean as possible. Outside the breeding season we use the sprout mix with intervals of 2 days between.

To this fruit mix we add  Aviseed Primal softfood for parrots in an formulation of 3 parts fruit, 1 part softfood. During the breeding season to shift to 2/2 to increase the protein intake more.

2 times a week we mix in some Avi-vit multi into this fruit/veggie/sprout mix. During breeding season we shift to the Avi-vit E and do this every 2 days. As soon as the female sits down on the eggs we shift back to Avi-vit multi.

Once a week we add some drups of Avi-vit β-caroteen, a pro-vitamine A precursor.

A bit of Avipollen is used once a week in the same fruit mix,and this the year round.

Outside the breeding season we also mix in some Calcishell, we do this 3 times a week. In breeding season every day and continue when there are youngs in the nest.

Fresh drinkingwater is offered daily with Pure H2O added in the water.

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