Trumpeter Hornbill

Bycanistes bucinator

Dry food
Under construction, new products are being developed and tested. As soon as these products are ready we will update this page.

Soft food
Because these hornbills are mainly fuctivorous we prepare daily a fresh dish of cut fruits. Apple, pear, papaya, … Grapes, figs, blue berries are offered but not on a daily base because of the iron content they have. On the fruit mix we sprinkle a bit of Aviseed primal softfood fructivorous and a bit of Aviseed primal softfood insectivorous. During breeding season we shift to only Aviseed primal softfood insectivorous.

Once a week we mix in some Avi-vit multi into this fruit mix. During breeding season we shift to the Avi-vit E and do this every 2 days. As soon as the female seals herself in the nest we shift back to Avi-vit multi.

2 times a week we sprinkle the fruit mix with some Calcishell. When there are youngs in the nest we do this every other day.

In the wild these species eat often red and/or dark fruits which shows that those fruits are ripe. Unripe fruits are mostly ignored. These darker red fruits contain a high conent of beta carotene. Therefor we add a few drups of Avi-vit β-caroteen, a pro-vitamine A precursor. We do this 2 times a week. During breeding season every other day.

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