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Do you want your own composition made up exactly to your specification? Then Aviseed is the right address for you! As well as our extensive product range we can make and deliver your own customised composition. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Private label seed mixes

Aviseed R&D Center

Greenwing macaw: Ara chloroptera
Green winged macaw
0 Comments14,Nov,2019

Greenwing macaw: Ara chloroptera Dry food For our greenwing macaws we use the Aviseed macaw complex mixture. Next to the seedmixture we offer them 6mm maintenance pellets. Mostly we use the nut flavoured pellet but they take the fruit flavoured as well. To complete this dry food part of their diet we offer them some […]

Blue and gold macaw: Ara ararauna
Blue and Gold Macaw
0 Comments13,Nov,2019

Blue and gold macaw: Ara ararauna. Found in Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Panama.

Blue rumped parrot male Psittinus cyanurus
Blue rumped parrot
0 Comments13,Nov,2019

Blue rumped parrot: Psittinus cyanuru. Found in southern Thailand, Myanmar, Malay Pen., Sumatra and Borneo

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