AviVit Multivitamin



Multi-vitamin supplement.
Contains vitamins and trace elements that improve moulting, general condition and increases singing performance.

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calcium carbonate, monocalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, wheat, wheat bran gravel, refined soybean oil

analytical components

sodium 4.53%, calcium 23.04%, lysine 0.63%, phosphorus 6.61%, methionin 4.95%


BHT 60mg/kg, propyl gallate 29.4mg/kg

sensory addictives

canthaxanthin 100mg/kg

trace elements

iron 1500mg/kg, zinc 3176.25mg/kg, copper 400mg/kg, iodine 49.5mg/kg, manganese 2332.4mg/kg, selenium 10mg/kg

vitamins (/kg)

vit A 332100 IE, vit D3 84000 IE, vit E 657.5mg, vit K3 92mg, vit B1 72.324mg, vit B2 147.6mg, vit B6 168.756mg, vit B12 0.83mg, biotin 3.69mg, calpanate 391.755mg, vit B12 0.83mg, vit PP 1095.797mg, folic acid 24.539mg, choline 14.256mg

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